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Accepting entries for Covering Elliott 2017




Covering Elliott #1 Track 8 Bottle up and explode - Valeria Tyagnorenko & Martin Benedek




One of the most amazing aspects of running this project is this track ,,,

Martin & Valeria reside in 2 different countries and recorded this beautiful cover as a duo over the internet !

Just another reason why this project is so amazing .

we are happy to pass on correspondence , just email


Martin ; I'm 35 years old and I'm from Argenitna in South America. I met Valeria because she was looking for someone who can help her to play some Elliott's songs so I did it, she took it really seriously and started sending me audios while she was learning, and she was learning really fast, I'm not a teacher at all, but i can teach how to play songs, once she sent me an audio and i've heard her voice and i really couldn't believe the way Elliott's songs fits with her voice, so I said, we can make a cover, it wasn't for the project, just for us, to do something together, actually it was long before having idea of this project and I said we can send this song, people need to hear you, and that was it, we recorded evrything with our phones, I made the guitars and she made the voices really great, so she sent me the voices track and I mixed it up with my guitars and it was beautiful.

i've found Elliott between June - July 2001, unfortunately i didn't know who he was until August 2003, and when i had my chance to finally contact him, I found he was dead and it was one of the saddest moments of my life, even when i never met him, I found myself through his music, I've learned how to live with my good and bad things, that's what Elliott means for me.


Valeria ; My name is Valeria and I’m 21 years old. I met Martin a year ago in an Elliott group on facebook and he started teaching me how to play the guitar, because I’ve never played it and wanted to play Elliott’s songs. I kept sending him audios of my progress and, when he heard my voice, he said we’d have to make a cover together. My guitar skills weren’t good enough to record anything on my own and he said we could do it together. We recorded our cover separately, I used my gaming headset as the mic. We really didn’t aim to be on the album, because we recorded it way before it was announced. It was so much fun making this little cover across continents, never even meeting each other face to face, but we managed to do it really well! I’m glad we can be on the album now.


This would have probably never happened without Elliott. We are both huge admirers of him and found each other because of him. For me, personally, Elliott means a lot as a musician and as a person. He helped me become a better person and made me want to actually do something, so I started playing the guitar. I have been playing a lot and am becoming better with each day. I would have never started learning it without Elliott. His music makes me feel the happiest I have ever been, as strange as it sounds. So I am really glad that I can be a part of this project now.












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