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About Liam Pek


Liam Pek is an independent, multi instrumental musician residing in the Netherlands.

His outspoken narrative way of writing lyrics translates into his dream pop, psychedelic surrealist sound. He uses his creative third eye to translate his powerful sound, into works of film, video, and whimsical images.

Upon traveling and performing across Europe, he worked on two singles prior to his upcoming solo album “From The Forest”.


Inspired by strong figures of the past such as Pink Floyd, The Zombies, The Beatles, and many more, the modern age renaissance man masters on keys, and vocals as he recorded and played just about everything on his debut album.

With it’s initial release, and upcoming rise to the underground music movement, Pek looks to expand his musical aspirations to a wider audience, and lead his listeners and believers alike down a path never musically experienced before.
















Introducing Liam Pek:


“Some people describe my music as walking through a forest. It can be either a dark and cold forest, or a warm and blooming spring forest.” States Netherland born artist Liam Pek.


The multi-instrumental new age renaissance man wanders through the “Mystic Land” of dream pop, and surrealist alternative, illuminating a new standpoint of a musical genre revolution.

Pek travels light on his mystical sound, and has enlightened audiences through Europe.

Mastered in keys and vocals taking on a new perspective of driven sound, and charismatic charm. His sound is almost indefinable, as he takes inspiration from the world around him and the legends of The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Zombies, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Elliott Smith, Jon Anderson and many more.


From his inspirations, Pek takes away not just the passion displayed within these iconic musical figures, but reinvents a vibe that revives the old feelings of hearing something exciting and new.


In his upcoming album “From The Forest” Pek intimately plays just about every sound on the record, offering listeners a fresh new element of music that’d been left behind in the glory days of rock n’ roll. From a youthful exhibition of pure imagination forged on the gold of Pek’s heart, his sound displays a mature insight into the raw and exuberant mood of the modern day dreaming atmosphere.

Upon his anticipated album release, Pek plans on releasing two singles before “From The Forrest” makes it’s break across the musical scene on January 30th of 2017.

Songs like “Snowball”, “Deep In The Morning”, and “Take It Like the Summer Takes the Rain” shows Pek’s musical ability to build up on raw harmony, and ambitious unity that reveals a deeper meaning when taken in upon audiences. Being a student of graphic design, and enlightening his passion of visual and performing arts, Pek’s plans for the future exhibit a positive impact that’s awaited by music fans alike. Reinventing the lost soul of indefinable musical freedom, and pumping adrenaline into the wayfaring hearts of dreamers near and afar, the release of his album and upcoming singles lays out a path for the next generation of music.


Liam Pek can also be contacted via this site , email with "FWD Liam Pek" in the title and we will pass it on for you :)





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