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Covering Elliott #1 Track 13 I Better Be Quiet Now Chris Warren





People tell me that the Covering Elliott album is a special piece of work , When I heard Chris Warren's cover of I Better Be Quiet Now I knew instantly that it had to be our last track on the album ,

I hear him sing this song and I feel it , a real Storytellers voice with melodic harmonies makes this track simplu sublime , its an absolute honor for us to have Chris play our album out .

The entire project is a fitting legacy to the memory of Elliott Smith .


Chris Warren has created three subtly layered studio albums that are incisive, mysterious, slyly ironic, and deeply moving.

Night for Day is Chris Warren's third album, a rich, moody, evocative set of songs that shows the huge breadth of his songwriting. You'll hear Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello and Elliott Smith in his background, for sure. But Warren's deceptively light touch with lyrics reveals a depth shared by very few contemporary songwriters. Guest vocals from both Ron Sexsmith and Mary Margaret O'Hara make this a very unique recording.

His words, one critic wrote, “read as well as they sing”, but the Toronto singer’s storytelling leans to an epigrammatic simplicity. Apart from acutely observed tales of love and relationships etc., Warren’s musings on mortality, God, violence, loneliness—i.e. being human—never come off as heavy as they might in other hands.

He is as much an existentialist of song as his late compatriot Leonard Cohen, and while he doesn’t share (who does?) the relentless despair of Elliott Smith, he pulls off a similar subversive musical trick, combining Beatlesy melodies and acoustic guitar with lyrics that take the listener into a whole other dimension.

As a departure from his own songwriting, he is currently recording an album of Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen covers to be called Songs From Another Room, for release in early 2017.



















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